Fiji Safari Sailing Adventure
Steele Jones
Steele Jones

Fiji, in the South West Pacific has more than 300 stunning islands scattered over a large area of ocean. These islands are surrounded by crystal clear waters, an abundance of sea life, magical lagoons and spectacular reefs.  Safari Charters will take you to these special places where you will find the magic of Fiji, it's people and their culture.


The Fijian way is one of genuine friendship, laughter and giving.  We are very privileged to be part of this culture every day, and be able to share it with our guests.  Come sailing with us and immerse yourself in this unique country.


Skipper 'Steele' has over 15 years of experience in the Fijian Islands.

You can contact him directly here.


FJ$ 2,300.00 for 2 guests per night

FJ$    250.00 for every extra guest per night

US$ 1,200.00 for 2 guests per night (approx)

US$    130.00 for every extra guest per night (approx)

(Maximum of 6 guests on overnight charters)


Purchase 6 nights and receive the 7th night FREE

Purchase 12 nights and receive 2 nights FREE


Fiji Airways has daily direct flights departing L.A and arriving in Nadi International Airport 5am local time.


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